Responding to the Horrific Attack in New Zealand

We, the members of the Rocky Mountain Rabbinical Council, stand united in our condemnation of the horrific terrorist attack at the Christchurch, New Zealand Mosque yesterday. Once again we have witnessed how an ideology of white supremacy, xenophobia and hatred has resulted in violence and the blood of innocents. The distance between our countries does not diminish the pain that we feel. While we may not share the same traditions, we believe that we are all children of God – created in the image of a beneficent Creator. We extend our support, love, and solidarity – coupled with a unified determination to both condemn and eradicate all forms of racism and violence in our world. We remember well how the Denver Muslim community rallied to show their support of the Jewish community in the aftermath of the massacre at the Tree of life Synagogue in Pittsburgh:last November. We regret that it has taken yet another tragic event for us to once again unequivocally state that we stand united with our Muslim brothers and sisters. We know your pain. We share your grief. We extend our hands in love, solidarity and friendship. Today is the Muslim Holy day. Tonight and tomorrow we will begin our Shabbat. May our prayers and tears mingle together. May God’s love unite us in our common humanity. We pray for the day when hatred, bigotry and intolerance are banished.